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Aleksinsky quarry petition

Aleksinsky quarry is the garbage dump which situated in the city of Klin in 70 km far from Moscow. It keeps in about 5 mln cubic meters of solid domestic gabarges and receives about 750 garbage trucks a day whith a 15 cubic meters capacity. The height of the gabarge dump is 25 meters. The dump has received for about 4 million tons of waste since 2014. Aleksinsky quarry is adverse to people health.

Aleksinsky quarry is situated within 2 km from the city, 1 km far from a school and less than 500 meters from residents’ houses. 

Sand was grabbed out there at first, but then it became a local garbage dump for Klin. From 1993 to 2013 the dump got about 1.5 million tons of waste.

At the order of the President of Russian Federation the dump had to be closed and reclaimed along with others in Moscow region in 2013. In February 2014, The Ministry of Ecology of the Moscow region reported the end of the dump exploitation because of the rated capacity depletion. The same year, violating Russian law, the dump restarted its work, not being in the register of municipal solid waste disposal. Millions tons of garbage started arriving from Moscow without any control for following a disposal process. For the period from 2014 to 2015, a deep sand quarry turned into a huge hill. In 2014 about 3 million tons of waste were dumped, in other words twice as large as for the previous 20 years.

First local authorities ignored the problem, then promised to solve it, and finally got down to legalize the dump. The landfill site got emission allowances and was included in the register of municipal solid waste disposal. The residents were refused to review these documents. According to the Ministry of Ecology of the Moscow region, the operating company frequently violated project requirements, leaving waste uncovered with soil layers and not using any waste treatment and landfill gas capturing technologies. All these violations have led to a serious impact on the environment. A leachate has leaked to groundwater; people feel the poisoning stink of landfill gases every day; flocks of seagulls and crows put at risk functioning of a local airdrome. The smell affects even to visitors of Tchaikovsky State House-Museum.

In 2017, The Emergency Situations Ministry detected that the concentration of hydrogen sulphide in the air exceeded a threshold limit value by 25 times in the living area. People’s health has worsened noticeably, the amount of patients suffering from cancer has increased.

Last demonstrations for closing and recultivation the Aleksinsky dump gathered more than 4000 people. (Statistic is based on subscriptions collected to demonstrations’ resolution). The revolating eccident has occurred on the March’10 current year. In accordance to information provided at the official site of The Emergency Situations Ministry, Aleksinsky quarry is closed at that moment. But its management continues receive solid domestic garbarges. Residents of Klin and the part of its activists in amount of 8 people in attempt to stop that lawlessness, close the road to garbage trucks and where arrested by local policy for 3 houres without detention report. The Ministry of Ecology of the Moscow region denies the information about Aleksinsky quarry closing.

While planning to double the dump’s square, local and region authorities keep reassuring people that everything is under control and there is nothing to worry about. Residents wrote a huge amount of appeals to The Ministry of ecology of the Moscow region and to the local Administration office in attempt to obtain information about the authoritative environmental health, but till this moment there’re no any official information due to these letters. The head of the local Administration office and the operating company release reports on activities hold on Aleksinsky quarry directed at abatement of toxic influence. Specifically they announced that 100 truckloads of sand were discharged on Aleksinsky quarry’ solid on March,10 just as active residents counted only 20 truckloads of sand which is unfitted to this purpose.

There is definitely deliberate falseness. Every day citizens of Klin feel a terrible odor of landfill gas, emanating from the garbage dump “Aleksinsky quarry”. That leads to serious injury to body, mental and physical health. Population of Klin and its region suffered from inhumane acts of local and region authorities.

Could you help us in any way?